Daily Planners & Notebooks

Whether you have a system for tracking and planning your day or mobile apps and reminders to help you stay productive, nothing is as reliable as a handy notebook.

Goal & Project Based Daily Planners

Panda Planner Pro

Goal setting planner available in 3 and 6 month notebooks, very helpful for tracking short term life goals each day and having a weekly post mortem.

This planner helps you write out your upcoming life goals and provides weekly and monthly progression check-ins to ensure you are on course to achieve your goals. I really like this journal especially the daily planning sheets that have your write out your tasks and focus for the day, and then you fill in the most important tasks to complete today for each project/goal. The post mortem at the end of the day helps build in an accountability factor that is essential, especially for personal goals, to keep us moving things forward.

SELF Journal

13 Week undated journal for tracking progress on life goals or work projects. 

The Self journal is divided in 3 distinct sections: The Daily,
Weekly and Monthly. Each one is tailored to keep you
focused and on track for achieving your goals. The weekly planning sections are the favorite for me as you outline all your ideal activities for the week and have a mental focus on what needs to get done. Lot’s of extra sections here on the weekly/daily pages which motivate, make you think, and record your wins and areas needing improvement.

Passion Planner

Undated and yearly planners for project and goal setting

Unlike the others above, Passion Planner will be with you for the entire year tracking your personal growth, and is available in either normal or academic year versions. is the personal organizer that helps you identify your goals and build toward them every day. The passion roadmap section is really my favorite and ideal for us dreamers and big thinkers to write down our vision. Equally important is the monthly reflections to force accountability on the progress of our goals.

Phoenix Planner

Daily and weekly vision and goal setting to help you finish your projects and complete your goals

“Ultimate Daily and Weekly Planner to Burn Away Bad Habits and Transform Your Life – Set Exciting Goals and Take Immediate Action – Daily Journaling – 12 Weeks, Undated”

Smart Notebooks

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

Erasable pages allow you to store all your notes in the cloud via the Rocketbook app

Everlast gives users a classic pen and paper experience that’s built for the digital age. Mark a symbol and scan your pages using the Rocketbook App to blast your notes to the cloud. The Everlast notebook has to be used with a pen, marker or highlighter from the Pilot FriXion line. Add a drop of water on the pages… and the notebook fully erases. This is great for those who want one notebook and then access to all their notes on their phone or desktop.

Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

Evernote app integration to save your notes to the cloud

Unlike the reusable Rocketbook notebook, this is a real notebook with specially lined paper that allows your notes to be converted and saved in the cloud and in the Evernote app. So consider this the best of both worlds. Draw, write, mockup and easily share your notes with your team, friends, or just for yourself. And once stored on Evernote app you can add to these notes – comments, flair, stickers.

Daily Planners

The Daily Stoic Journal

366 Days of Writing and Reflecting on the Art of Living

Probably the most unique journal listed here, The Daily Stoic provides you with a stoic quote each day to meditate and ponder on. Afterwards you have a blank sheet to capture your thoughts.

The Morning Sidekick Journal

Morning Habit Tracker! Create Your Perfect Morning Routine. A Science Driven Daily Planner for Building Positive Life Habits. 

“The first 60 minutes of your day are extremely important for setting the tone for everything to follow. Stop rushing this critical time and start getting control back! The Morning Sidekick Journal is a science based journal that gets you laser focused on your morning productivity/happiness in 3 minutes everyday.

Establish WHY you are doing this. Strategize on HOW you’re going to do it. Prepare for WHAT you’re going to do on daily basis.”

Knock Knock Today's Plan of Attack

One pager to capture the essential tasks for your day

If a full fledged notebook is too much for you because you’ve got a super big brain and can remember everything then I suggest at least a daily plan of attack sheet. Write down the top things you have to get done today, and then get to working. You’ll be amazed at how many daily distractions mount up to prevent you from finishing a list of 5 things.

Undated Weekly Planner

52 week and 256 day planner  

This is similar to a normal daily agenda planner you’ve used with some added sections focused on your productivity: Weekly task prioritization, daily gratitude, and habits/lessons learned.

If you are not a very organized person I recommend getting a weekly planner and setting up an hour on Sunday’s to organize your week. Your brain will thank you for unloading all your activities!


Pocket Notebooks

Pocket Notebook

Notes & Ideas on the go

Rather than reaching for your phone to capture an idea, there’s something more powerful in putting ink to paper to jot your ideas down. I always carry a pocket notebook for any list items I need to remember, Spanish vocab i’m reviewing, and any random thoughts that need to be written down.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Weather proof paper prevents your notes turning to mush in the rain!

When on the go and walking through a rain drizzle, don’t let the weather prevent you from writing some notes or an idea that suddenly popped into your head. With weather proof paper even if your pages get wet your notes won’t run and be ruined. Note: I have yet to test these out myself, so read some Amazon reviews before purchasing yourself!

Journaling & Drawing


When some unstructured creative sessions are needed

I gave up drawing professionally at the early age of 11, and now coming out of retirement it has been a struggle! But the act is so enjoyable as a creative outlet. Too often we think we need to be passive and enjoy media, but taking the reins and letting the creativity flow is a massively important and productive exercise.


Monthly Desk Calendar

Good for quickly writing down daily reminders on all those one off requests we receive all to frequently


When stationed at your desk,  you need to quickly jot something down this acts as a much better constant visual than using an app or a sticky note. Setting a phone reminder is great as long as you don’t dismiss the notification away to get back to crushing candy or scrolling on Instagram! Do yourself a favor and get a calendar and give you a visualization of your month at all times.