Instagram won’t make you more productive, more happy, or a better person. You’re better off deleting it so you can focus on becoming your best self in real life, not in a time sucking app.


How many times daily are you interrupted with distractions from your phone? Complete a task just to check your phone? Our ability to focus on tasks is eroding and social media is at the center of this


The benefits of keeping in touch with friends lives are quickly negated after we scroll the feed on the way to work. There's no need to be hyper connected to everyone each and every day of our lives. We never were in the past, why do we have to be now?

Opportunity cost

How you spend your days is how you spend your life. Every free second you get is used scrolling the feed when it could be used more meaningfully and productively: calling a friend or relative, learning a language, reading a book, or meditating.


Yes, you are addicted to your phone. We haven't established baselines for a healthy usage of social media that won't deteriorate our ability to focus on tasks. Until then we need to detox off of social media