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From motivation to learning new skills to practical philosophy, YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge if you know where to look. Here are the top channels I subscribe to in the following categories.

Wisdom & Advice

The School of Life

They offer a variety of video series concerned with developing emotional intelligence, and how to live wisely and well


Most of you know TED, but if not, this is where you should start, learning from experts in their field as they explore thought provoking topics

Practical Philosophy

Philosophy today isn't often shown in a way we can easily incorporate it into our lives. Practical Philosophy does exactly that


Mateusz M

Inspiring speeches that are sure to get you motivated no matter what your current state is


Good curated playlists of commencement speeches among others

Mulligan Brothers

Compilations of inspirational speeches edited with music and visuals


Principles by Ray Dalio

Principles For Success illustrated

Fight Mediocrity

Easily digestable hand drawn story board summaries of books and ideas

One Percent Better

Top 7 Lessons From 134 Books


Ask Gary Vee

Good curated playlists of commencement speeches among others

Casey Neistat

One of the 1st YouTubers, Casey is an expert story teller and posts

Simon Sinek

Compilations of inspiring speeches are sure to get you motivated

Tim Ferriss

Tim provides actionable advice over a range of topics from morning productivity to long term travel to tracking what you eat