How to Be More Productive with Apple Shortcuts

Apple Shortcuts are mobile automations that save you time and help you be more productive!

With iOS 12 comes the release of the Shortcuts app:

Shortcuts in iOS 12 let you get things done with your apps, with just a tap or by asking Siri. In addition to running shortcuts available on your iOS device, you can use the Shortcuts app to create custom shortcuts, simplifying everyday tasks by combining steps across multiple apps.

Apple Shortcuts User Guide

With Shortcuts you have the ability to create automations between apps and system functions to get things done quicker and smarter. Essentially, Shortcuts takes out much of the manual input, searching, and sharing you commonly do to simply one click of a button automations.

Shortcuts aim to automate some of your most used tasks so you can focus on what’s important and have your phone start working for you!

Note: You need to update to iOS 12 in order to download Shortcuts 

Apple has already curated a bunch of Shortcuts you can simply tap and use right away.

So let’s examine how you can use Shortcuts to increase your personal productivity right now!

Morning Routine Shortcuts

Shortcuts to aid your morning routine so you can think less & do more

Developing a consistent morning routine is key to our daily productivity. Doing the same productive things over and over help us feel better and get into a productive state to tackle today’s challenges.

These shortcuts above are full of to-do reminders – brush your teeth, meditate, drink your tea; as well as helpful location based shortcuts – when to leave for work in current traffic conditions and things to be reminded about when you arrive at work.

Put it on the Calendar Shortcuts

Shortcuts to help you share availability with colleagues without all the back and forth

As we work there’s often so much wasted time on planning and scheduling. This has forever been perceived as necessary dead time, but in today’s connected world there’s no reason shortcuts can’t do this for us.

Sharing one’s availability is as simple as clicking on the shortcut, selecting a date, and sharing it with a colleague.

Additional calendar and planning shortcuts include: emailing a daily itinerary to yourself, estimating time to next meeting, and getting alerts for meetings and events.

Collaborate Better Shortcuts

Shortcuts to help you work smarter and share more easily with colleagues

How many times have you emailed a document or an image to yourself? That’s sooo 2008! With shortcuts sharing and collaborating is as simple as the click of a button!

Sharing photos & screenshots stitched together as one image is a quick way to share recent work with a colleague. Other collaborative shortcuts to work smarter include: daily standup logging, zip files and email away, sending your receipts via email, and sending a text message when running late.

Around the House Shortcuts

Shortcuts to help your home stay tidy!

After a productive day we often feel a sense of accomplishment and want nothing more than to kick back at home and relax. But a tidy home helps maintain a tidy mind! Use some shortcuts in the home to stay on top of chores and menial to-do’s. 

Small aids like laundry timers and expiration date reminders are helpful to unload time counting to our iPhones. When it’s time to clean our homes pull up your chores list to see what should be tackled first. 

Apple has curated lists of shortcuts to use right away and there is a ton of value in using them! 

Choose one shortcut today to try out and see if you can get a streak going of using this for the rest of the week.

Leave a Comment with your favorite shortcut!

Through Shortcuts we have the ability to also create our own shortcuts, next article will dive into how we can do exactly that!

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