Personal Productivity Reddit Communities

We shouldn’t go this journey alone. While self growth and productivity is a mostly personal endeavor, having a community to engage with is essential as well. A community to share, discuss, and learn from on our growth and productivity journeys. I will write a post soon about the importance of having an in-person Master Mind group, but for now take a look at these existing communities and join in on the personal productivity conversations!

Disclaimer: Reddit is NOT good for your personal productivity! Like anything you can become distracted easily and go down a meme hole for an hour before realizing you’ve done nothing productive!

I recommend two things to help you:

1. Unsubscribe from all the default subreddits that will inevitably distract you. I only subscribe to 15 subreddits in total so that I limit the amount of potential distractions I could see on the site.

2. Get involved in the conversations! Often we lurk and just read the comments. But you want to JOIN these communities so you can create a real connection to the groups in a meaningful way that will benefit you staying accountable.

A good starter group to your personal productivity journey. Topics are broad across the productivity spectrum ranging from helpful articles, asking for advice, to favorite resources. /Productivity

The core tenant of productivity is discipline. This community has great discussions on productivity techniques and strategies, and is even great for providing accountability for ourselves (something we are terrible at doing ourselves). /GetDisciplined

Each post provides a small  life hack for how you could do something in a different way, or practical solutions to ordinary problems. Try reading, practicing, and incorporating one tip a day! This sub can become addictive to surf, so try limiting yourself to the 1st page each day.  /LifeHacks >

While life hacks are usually small and product based, life pro tips typically deal with interpersonal issues. This sub provides a small or large tip/ life hack for how you could do something better or smarter. Topics range from work, career, social interactions, pet owners, to health. Really practical knowledge from a gamut of categories. Try reading, practicing, and incorporating one tip a day!  /LifeProTips

Society is quickly realizing we have an addiction to our phones & computers. It’s almost impossible for us to disconnect for even 1 hour from our phones! Let alone an entire day! But it’s necessary for our well being. No surf is a great community of people attempting to limit the distractful technology in their lives and is full of their experiments and results. /NoSurf

At the core of productivity is our habits, how we spend our time, what we do each and every day. Here, our routines are examined and conversations take place around ways we can eliminate bad habits and incorporate more beneficial habits. This is a smaller sub so it’s easier to join the conversation and ask for advice.  /Habits

Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur. But I like to think of ourselves as personal entrepreneurs crafting our best selves. And while the discussions here tend to focus on how people created their businesses, they are also full of great life information. I come here for technical guides on how something was built to how someone handled a difficult personal decision. A lot of the discussions here are transferable knowledge outside of strictly business.  /EntrepreneurRideAlong

Stoicism to me is the practice of restraining our emotional minds from affecting our daily decisions and desires. This community seeks ways to incorporate stoicism into our practical lives. There’s a lot of misinformation around stoicism and mindfulness and often it’s displayed in ways by scholars that aren’t practical for applying it to our daily lives.  /Stoicism

This group caters to those that work remotely from around the world. While not geared towards remote productivity, this community is great for advice on anything related to working and living abroad in a transient lifestyle. Keep it top of mind when you decide it’s time to venture out and find yourself.  /DigitalNomad

Last but not least we have motivation. Look, we all have times where we need motivation to get shit done in our lives, but remember motivation is a bad master! It’s fleeting and shouldn’t be relied on frequently. Discipline needs to be developed over a reliance on motivation. But nonetheless there’s some good stuff here to get you going!  /GetMotivated

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